You’ve been washing your own hair for like…ever, right? Of course you know how to do it. But do you? Does your hair still feel greasy after you wash it? Listen Linda. I don’t care what shampoo brand you use. You still need to do these. 🤣 I’ve literally had customers tell me that their […]

honestly the biggest difference is my scalp health. which isn’t even visible. but I am now flake and red, patchy, itchiness FREE! 6 things that took me from dry, thinning, & damaged to balanced, dense, healthy scalp & hair. 1) regular oil treatments. here’s a video of how I do them. and this is my […]

did you know that hard water is more damaging to your hair than bleach? think about the build up you see on items that sit in your shower or how you need to descale your coffee maker or maybe your dishes always have water spots? that same dry, scaly build up is also happening on […]

Obviously your hair is not the most important thing about you… But it IS one of the first things people see when they look at you in person or in photos and something you see every time you look in the mirror.  For many of us, including me, hair has an emotional component it to […]

What if…just what if…BOTH science and religion could have a seat at the table? Along with common sense. Let’s invite them too.  With the recent SCOTUS abortion ruling, this image and ones similar to it are being shared all over social media, along with the general phrase “separation of church and state.” Implying that religion […]