How to Shampoo Your Hair

Feb 24, 2023

You’ve been washing your own hair for like…ever, right? Of course you know how to do it. But do you? Does your hair still feel greasy after you wash it? Listen Linda. I don’t care what shampoo brand you use. You still need to do these. 🤣 I’ve literally had customers tell me that their results were instantly better when they started doing these steps.

  1. Shake your bottles! Ingredients can separate and settle. Especially if you are using a naturally based or “clean” product. Make sure the product is mixed well before each use to make sure you’re getting most effective wash out of your product.
  2. Less is more. Start with a dime to nickel size amount. If you’re not getting a lather…keeping reading or watching the video. I’d suggest adding another wash vs adding more product. You really shouldn’t much more than a nickel size unless you have extraordinarily long and thick hair. (Also if you’re struggling with getting suds…it might be a hard water problem.)
  3. Emulsify the product in your hands. Your hands should white and the product foamy BEFORE you even apply it to your hair. You do this by simply rubbing your hands together for a few seconds.
  4. Focus on your scalp and roots, NOT your ends. Do not, I repeat, do not, pile your hair on head and mix it all up. Talk about tangle city. Simply gently massage your scalp and roots with your fingertips. Keyword…gently.
  5. MOST importantly…wash at least twice EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I will sometimes shampoo 3-4 times depending on how long I’ve gone between washes. If you’re not getting a great lather on your first wash, you should on your second. WHY? It’s like vacuuming or sweeping your tile floor before mopping. The sweeping removes all the big stuff, so that the mopping can really clean your floors. The first time you shampoo, you’re breaking down dirt, oil and buildup. Now, with the second wash, the active ingredients can really penetrate your hair.
  6. Bonus tip! Use a scalp scrubber in the shower like this one!

If you try these tips, let me know! I hope you get your best results ever!




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