how to “descale” your hair

Feb 23, 2023

did you know that hard water is more damaging to your hair than bleach?

think about the build up you see on items that sit in your shower or how you need to descale your coffee maker or maybe your dishes always have water spots? that same dry, scaly build up is also happening on your scalp and hair.

hard water can cause a few different problems…

  • dry ends but oily scalp
  • itchiness and flaking
  • damaged hair that breaks easily
  • dull hair that lacks shine
  • brassiness and discoloration
  • no lather, if you’re not getting a lather with your products, you aren’t getting their full benefit.

we have a whole home water filtration system and a softener, but are on a well, so we still have hard water issues.

over 80% of the population has hard water! how can you get the most out of your haircare products and mitigate hard water?

here are 5 easy things you can do to help minimize the damaging impacts of hard water on your hair and scalp. 

  1. use a clarifying shampoo every time you wash for your first wash. this is going to help break down and rinse away that build up. (always follow with a second wash using the same or a different shampoo.) I’ve washed my scalp with this one every single time I shower for the last 5 years.
  2. try a scalp scrub or scalp massager. many people have tried facial or body scrubs, but never thought about a scalp scrub. a scrub is going exfoliate the scalp, helping to dissolve oil and breakdown buildup. this scrub contains apple cider vinegar, AHAs, sugar, and purifying pink clay to deeply cleanse and purify while helping rebalance moisture at the scalp.
  3. install a showerhead filter. this is a great low cost, easy to install option to further filter out minerals, sediment, and chemicals. Plus you can get one that actually infuses the water with beneficial minerals. this one is super easy to install!
  4. do regular oil treatments. this will help dissolve and pull out build up AND nourish your hair to moisturize and repair. pick an oil though that actually penetrates your hair shaft and doesn’t just sit on top causing further buildup and moisture balance problems. here’s the one I use.
  5. a purple shampoo & toner. regardless of your hair color, hard water can leave your hair dull and brassy. a purple shampoo & toner will neutralize those yellow, brassy tones. get on the waitlist for the one I showed in this video, its launching soon!

whether or not you use try out my favorite products, I hope these tips help you achieve healthier hair & scalp whether you implement all 5 or just one or two!




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