how I healed my hair

Feb 23, 2023

honestly the biggest difference is my scalp health. which isn’t even visible. but I am now flake and red, patchy, itchiness FREE!

6 things that took me from dry, thinning, & damaged to balanced, dense, healthy scalp & hair.

1) regular oil treatments. here’s a video of how I do them. and this is my favorite oil.

2) use a heat protectant!!!! if you are blow drying or using hot tools, even sporadically, a heat protectant is a must! I can’t believe I never used one for my first 35ish years on the planet.

3) wash less often. washing daily can be hard on hair and increase oil production. taper down to washing 3-4 times a week. the less you wash, the less you’ll have to wash. after a few weeks of transition, you’ll be good to go! a dry shampoo can help you extend between washes.

4) wear hair down more vs buns and ponytails. y’all. I went through a HUGE messy bun phase. and while I do still sport one from time to time, your hair being up all the time and dry out your ends and cause damage. opt for velvet or silk scrunchies for your updo’s. or try a claw clip.

5) shampoo TWICE every time. would you mop your floors without sweeping them first? I don’t think so. the first wash breaks down dirt and oil. the 2nd cleanses thoroughly and rinses it all away.

6) switched my hair products to big box to a scientifically proven, custom routine for my scalp, hair, and styling needs. prior to Monat, I tried everything from high end salon brands to horse shampoo. (did anyone else get in on the mane & tail bandwagon??!) nothing ever worked long term. until 5 years ago, on a whim, after seeing a friend have great results, I decided to try Monat. I’ve never looked back. my hair is shinier, healthier, more manageable, and my scalp issues are long gone. and now I love sharing this product and helping others get their best possible hair.

Time. Consistency. And the right products will win every time.

I’ve been so pleased with results over the last 5 years, I joined the haircare company’s affiliate marketing program. Use my link to purchase and you’ll get 15% off plus tons of other VIP perks. And most importantly, you’ll get amazing, award winning products that actually work!

Take the hair quiz below. Answer a few quick questions and we’ll chat through a custom consult.




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